Remarkable Practice


The silver bullet that solves your accountancy firm's marketing challenges; helps you grow your firm at exactly the rate you want to grow; and does it without consuming too much of your time is what you'd like to find we know (we're looking for it too!). The harsh reality is you'll need to invest some time, do some work and invest a little cash in marketing your firm.

This accepted, the next question is what should you do to maximise your marketing success for the minimum effort and money?

These two products do a great job of helping you do this:

1. The Marketing Audit For Accountants Report shares the statistics, insights and experiences of the 109 contributing accountancy firms. It clearly signposts what works best at generating converted leads for accountancy firms. It also makes more than 30 worthwhile conclusions and recommendations to inspire you and drive you to take action.

2. Bamboo Marketing For Accountants is 9 discs of insight, experiences and actual real-life examples of what firms do to achieve marketing success. The audio recordings and digital workbook are jam-packed with the 'grass roots' of future marketing success for your firm.